The Germans had the leading security companies, but they sent the rest from the warehouses of the bandwagon to Ukraine.

Germany is the world’s fourth largest arms exporter and one of the leading arms companies. However, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, not a single new weapon was purchased and supplied to Ukraine from German manufacturers. However, there were deliveries from Bundeswehr vacant warehouses – writes the daily “Weld” on Monday.

“Ukraine has a strange contradiction in German arms supplies: the federal republic is the world’s fourth-largest arms exporter and the country’s leading arms companies. From RhineMet to Thaisencroop, from Airbus to Heckler & KochBy 2021, they have exported about nine billion euros worth of weapons and equipment, ”the newspaper said.

However, four weeks after the Russian occupation of Ukraine, “not a single new weapon was purchased from these manufacturers and delivered to that country.” In contrast, there were multiple deliveries from deserted bandageware warehouses. But when new, perfect goods are obtained in the factories of German companies, why should only a few copies of the bandwagon be provided? ”- Daily is amazing.

As the “Welt” learned from Ukrainian government sources, “the German government knew it at the end of February. Bundeswehr’s shares are too small to offer a wide range of assistance. Within weeks of submitting the first official request for arms supplies to Ukraine on February 3, the government asked several German arms manufacturers what they could sell to Ukraine in the short term. As a result, a comprehensive list was created. Based on this list there are several indications that Berlin is working on a new package for Ukraine.

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“However, not a single new weapon has been delivered from Germany so far,” officials in Kiev said. Within four weeks of the war, only weapons from the rest of Bandeswar were supplied to the Armed Forces: 500 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, 1,000 anti-tank weapons and more recently 500 Strolla missiles are in stock from East Germany.“- We read in the text.

According to the “Weld” everything related to the supply of arms to Ukraine is currently classified as “top secret”.

According to government sources in Kiev, Ukraine Is no longer reported. “We suggest that something exists, but we do not know exactly how, what, or when.”

“Even on the 26th day of the brutal Russian War, it is not known when weapons from the factories of the world’s fourth-largest arms exporter will go to Ukraine” – concludes “Weld”.

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