The Pixel Fold screen repair costs $900

We have more pixel parts. The Pixel Fold is now Google’s largest and most expensive phone Selection of complete parts At iFixit.

The expensive item is a repair kit for the 7.6-inch internal screen. If you somehow break the flexible OLED panel (who would do that?), the part will cost you $900. That’s a lot for the offer, but you’re not actually buying Just Top view. Even the “part-only” option for $900 is the entire top half of the Pixel Fold. We’re talking about the screen, the bezels around it, the all-metal frame and sides of the phone, the all-important hinge, the side buttons, the fingerprint sensor, and a whole bunch of wires. You wouldn’t buy this and connect it to your original phone; You can disconnect your original phone and transfer some parts to it, such as the motherboard, batteries, cameras, and back panel.

There’s also a flexible display “Fix Kit” for just $10 more that includes a bunch of iFixit tools, like screwdrivers, a few soft pry tools, a heat pad, a suction cup, 14 different custom-cut adhesive strips, and a thermostat. Dissipation graphite sheet, thermal paste; For some reason, there are two new batteries.

The external display is priced at a more reasonable $160, while the glass back cover and camera bump are priced at $70. The batteries — there are two, remember — will cost you $50 each. The rear triple camera kit costs $140, while the internal and front cameras cost $43. You can also buy all the random adhesives, foams, and graphite strips for $4 each, though you’re better off shelling out roughly $10 more for a “repair kit” if you’re already getting a master part. Something like a graphite sheet can technically be reused after it’s removed, but it’s such a critical cooling component that you’ll probably just want a new one.

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Once you have the parts you need, it feels like iFixit did their best in the manual department 32 different guides and “Techniques” detailing how to take apart the Pixel Fold.

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