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For a long time, Russia has suffered mainly from defeats in the war it has unleashed in Ukraine. The recent deployment of soldiers has not worked. A great victory for the Ukrainians recaptured Kherson, and this was not the end of plans to repel the enemy.

The Russian soldiers were completely drunk

However, the victories should not be surprising given what is happening in the Russian military. Outdated equipment, insufficient equipment for players, and … problems caused by alcohol. Russians have a soft spot for alcoholic beverages, as we discovered once again.

Kazan’s pictures appeared in the media. Residents of this Russian city began to complain about a group that had been taking their numbers for several days. They are forced laborers who avoid the army. Instead of wearing boots, they went for wine.

Six men in military uniform had been drinking for five days. During the day they roam around the town drinking and sleeping on the stairs.

Today two slept in the cage with the door open. During the day, six men sat madly, complained a tenant of a block in Kazan.

Even photographs taken with the help of video surveillance were sent to the network. A group of men can be found there. One is carried by colleagues, another sleeps on a bench.

Angry residents commented that the district assistant came and told them they had a detention interview, but he had no authority to detain them.

Russian alcohol problems have become apparent in recent weeks. A lot of mobilization videos are posted on the network. Soldiers were often drunk, fighting and struggling to stand on their own two feet. Such people then go forward and often lose their lives there.

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