The new acquisition of PlayStation Studio is said to be huge

The rumored new acquisition of PlayStation appears to be a big deal. Among reliable sources such as Jeff Group And Greg MillerWe heard a few weeks ago that Sony is preparing to announce a new acquisition. This week, speculation turned towards Kojima Productions for reasons that are neither here nor there yet Hideo Kojima himself confirmed that Kojima Productions is independent and remains independent. According to the aforementioned Grubb, the acquisition is “bigger” from Kojima Productions, which is impressive for fans of PlayStation, as this likely indicates that it is a publisher, as there are not many larger and more well-known indie developers from Kojima Productions.

“If I had heard the rumors about a big Sony acquisition, it would never have been Kojima Productions, at least as far as I know,” Grob said. “People who were hearing this stuff, myself included, that was never a name that came up. It was bigger than Kojima Productions.

It should be noted that Grubb has been far from reality in the past, but he has proven to be more reliable than unreliable. Moreover, he is not the only one who beats this drum. Usually, where there is that much smoke, there is fire.

So, who’s on the list? Well, it doesn’t look like it’s a developer because there isn’t really a single studio available that is “bigger” than Kojima Productions. Remedy Entertainment is restricted to a million different contacts. FromSoftware owns a company that may or may not be interested in selling. With these two options seemingly off the board, there aren’t many options left.

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This tease means that he is a publisher. If so, then Ubisoft looks like a potential candidate given its recent struggles and PlayStation’s growing assertiveness in Europe. Square Enix, Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco, and Konami are all difficult due to Japanese law. Take-Two Interactive and EA will likely be out of Sony’s price range, so that doesn’t leave much to be desired other than Ubisoft. The only other option that looks realistic is CD Projekt Red, the makers of the magician And Cyberpunk 2077 movie.

For now, take everything here – the report and the speculation it created – with caution. So far, nothing has come out of these PlayStation rumors, and the longer this remains, the more dubious the claims seem. Usually, acquisitions don’t leak, so the fact that this commands could either mean something is wrong or it’s an exception. Neither of them plays in favor of the odds.

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