The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has appealed to citizens not to panic. “Do not help Putin” | News from around the world

In an interview with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba on Saturday Radio Svoboda He called on citizens not to panic over reports of Russian concentration Troops By Border.

– I work properly on three things. First, Russia must make it clear to all Ukraine partners that an invasion of Ukraine is unacceptable. Second, sanctions must be prepared. And third, [pracujÄ™ nad tym – red.] Ukraine will receive maximum military assistance – Guleba calculated. Politician He called on the Ukrainians to “stay cool and do their job quietly.”

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– Putin will not have to attack if he allows Ukraine to be shaken from within, which causes this military fear, because everything will collapse and the economy will simply collapse. The head of Ukrainian diplomacy stressed that now it is important to maintain the economic and financial stability of the state. Asked not to help Putin In achieving its goals with minimal effort. “

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British plane lands with rockets for Ukraine

President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: We will not let Russia do what it has done in the past.

– Russia continues to make up a story: “We are good, Ukraine is bad, Ukraine is a threat to us,” said Dmitro Kuleba, insisting that Ukraine did not plan any offensive against Donbass, Russia or anywhere else.

– As in 2014, Russia will never surprise Ukraine again at the moment of its greatest weakness. Ukraine will be strong. We have become stronger internally and our partners will help us stay strong. Russia will never have a weak Ukraine again and we will never allow it to do what it has done to us in the past – boss MSZ Ukraine.

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The Russian army can be easily seen from space

As the politician said, “Some countries are already developing relations with Ukraine as a self-sufficient country independent of Russia.” – But unfortunately, there are still countries in Europe that look at Moscow and do something with Ukraine. This is their strategic mistake. And we talk to them openly about it. He further added that it is because of their politics that we are in the current situation.

Russia has mobilized thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine and promises not to extend its influence from NATO further east. NATO warns of possible Russian invasion of Ukraine Due to the threat, many countries, including the United Kingdom, the Baltic states and the Czech Republic, have pledged to hand over defensive weapons to Ukraine – anti-missile and anti-tank weapons.

Russia is advancingGreat Britain: Russia wants to establish a puppet leader in Kiev

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told US media over the weekend that the United States was ready to respond to a possible Russian aggression against Ukraine. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Washington and its allies.

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