Admiral Shonbak resigns after reports of Crimea and Putin

The leader of the German navy, K-Achim Shonbach, resigned. The German media reported on Saturday that the deputy admiral had resigned, which was accepted by Defense Minister Kristin Lambrecht. Schoenbach caused a scandal with his statements about the Ukrainian conflict.

“Putin is respected. We need Russia. The shocking words of the German naval chief

The leader of the German navy did not believe that Russia would enter Ukraine militarily. Vice Admiral K-Achim Shanbach is visiting India, where …

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Shonbach made the remarks during a visit to India Ukraine will not recapture Crimea annexed by Russia. – The Crimean peninsula is gone, it will not return, it is a fact – he said.

This is what the German naval chief said about Putin What Putin really wants is respect. “God, it costs little or nothing to honor someone … you can easily give him the respect he demands, maybe he deserves it,” Shonbach said.

The Berlin Ministry of Defense withdrew from Schoenbach’s statements.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced this on Saturday Summoned the German ambassador to the Ministry Anki Feldhusen in this country in connection with the report of the German army. “The statements of German naval commander K-Achim Schnbeck are completely unacceptable. Crimea will never return to Ukraine and our country will not be able to meet NATO membership,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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