The G7 conference has begun. “EU should provide alternative to Chinese funds”

“We must end the dependence of energy on Russia forever,” Italian Prime Minister Mario Tragi said during the G7 summit in Elma, southern Germany. He reiterated the provision for setting a ceiling on the prices of imported energy sources. In turn, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that “the EU should provide an alternative to Chinese funds for developing countries.”

During the first session of the G7, Ansa quoted the head of the Italian government as saying that Russia could not be considered as dependent as it had been in the past.

Draghi added: We must avoid the mistakes we made after the 2008 crisis. The energy crisis should not bring back populism. We have the tools to do this. We must mitigate the effects of rising energy prices, compensate distressed families and businesses, and tax companies that make extraordinary profits. – He argued.

The Italian prime minister also said that setting a ceiling on the price of fossil fuels imported from Russia was not only an economic and societal goal, but also a geopolitical goal.

We must reduce funding to Russia and eliminate one of the root causes of inflation Drake said.

He called for speeding up efforts to curb grain exports from Ukraine. As he points out, this should be done before mid-September, before the new harvest appears.

According to Tracy, the support of the United Nations should be provided so that the matter can be mediated expeditiously.

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The EU should provide an alternative to Chinese funding for developing countries – European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen said at the first day of the G7 summit in Elmau, Germany. He promised that the EU would raise 300 300 billion over five years to finance infrastructure in developing countries and to oppose the Chinese Belt and Road initiative.

It is in our hands to provide a positive, empowering investment stimulus to the world to show our partners in developing countries that they have a passion and that we intend to strengthen solidarity to meet their development needs. Van der Leyen told a news conference attended by leaders from Germany, Italy, Canada, the United States and Japan.

The White House on Sunday confirmed that the United States plans to raise $ 200 billion from private and public funds for the same purpose over five years.

G7 leaders, who are more concerned about China, first unveiled plans for the project last year. They are formally launching it now under a new name: Global Infrastructure and Investment Partnership, Reuters reports.

President Joe Biden presents “specific plans.” At the G7 summit with the leaders of the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, the European Union and Canada on this issue, the United States will have a global impact on measures to help combat climate change and improve health. , Gender Equality and Digital Infrastructure.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who has formally joined China’s infrastructure program, did not participate. – Reuters insists.

Belt and Road InitiativeLaunched in 2013 by PRC President Xi Jinping, it includes development and investment initiatives. Railways, ports and highways in more than 100 countries.

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White House officials argue that “Xi’s plan to create a modern version of the historic Silk Road has yielded some tangible benefits for many developing countries, while providing better employment opportunities for China.” Increasing forced and child labor rates“.

President Biden will unveil a number of key plans for the G7, including a $ 2 billion solar development program in Angola. The United States, along with other G7 and EU countries, will provide $ 3.3 million in technical support to the Dakar Pasteur Institute, which will allow Senegal to expand production of a wide variety of vaccines on an industrial scale, including the Kovit-19 vaccine.

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