The Elden ring looks small and cool with the ’tilt’ camera

elden ring Not an adorable game. Literally everything, from fierce wildlife to STARSCORGE RADAN BOOSTER, wants to bury your damaged and prevents you from restoring order to the lands between. But the idea that the famous FromSoftware is difficult souls-Like can Be Kind, YouTuber Kevin “Flurdeh” Hensen sent him on a mission to re-imagine the game as a magical claymation-like CRPG as claymation, and The results were amazing. I would totally play this.

Flurdeh is a video editor whose work for YouTube focuses mostly on bringing out the beauty of video games. This regularly includes a “tilt toggle” of the game’s camera to change perspective, and often has a similar isometric look. Hades or CRPGs like Disco Elysium and the original Drops. Flurdeh has done this many times with other games, including Days gone by And Red Dead Redemption 2And the end result is usually a great stop-motion animation that will make you feel right at home next to a Tim Burton short film.

Use Camera Tools Created by software engineer and photovoltaic moderator Frans Bauma, now Floridy tilt shift elden ring. Instead of the usual third-person camera following a Tarnished behind you, Flurdeh has reimagined the lens high above the action, transforming the lands among beautiful miniature landscapes.

See how fun it all is! Intimidate enemies like Those hateful giant dogs In Caelid and what appears to be Glintstone Dragon Adula, see first-hand and friendly in their natural habitats. The Pope’s turtle It is just a hangout. So notorious tree guard Doesn’t seem to be a threat. The Lands Between isn’t a cozy place, but Flurdeh’s animation definitely makes them feel that way.

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flordet said Kotaku A little bit about how the animation was created, explaining that the inspiration for changing the gaming perspective came from the slasher photography he saw online in 2015.

“He had some examples from the images that made real buildings, cars, and people look like toys,” Fleurdet said. “I also work in in-game/virtual photography so I’ve tried to replicate the effect within games over the years, which eventually turned into making videos of it. Most of the illusion of the effect comes from the angle and depth of view, so I experimented with it a lot until I got the right look. .then speed up the shots and remove certain frames from the videos to make everything look like games in a stop motion animation.”

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Although Flurdeh has changed the trend for many games in the past, he is always looking forward to trying upcoming releases, including the very specific Bethesda one.

“Sometimes the effect just doesn’t work with a game, and I have to move on,” Fleurdet said. “It’s far away, but starfield is the first [that comes] To mind I’m interested in trying it out. I always minify already released games like bioshock And mirror edge althoug.”

I imagine tilt shift elden ring It will be more difficult than the game actually is. Being away from hectic work, with everything looking so small, will make it almost impossible to read the enemy’s movements. But there’s no denying that it’s a nice way to reimagine the bleak fantasy world of FromSoft.

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