Cincinnati Reds president Phil Castellini apologizes after telling unhappy fans ‘Be careful what you order’

Cincinnati – The Reds boss, Phil Castellini, appeared to tell fans on Tuesday they had no choice but to accept the team’s shortlist, only to apologize hours later.

Castellini, who is also the team’s chief operating officer, is the son of Reds CEO Bob Castellini, the team’s controlling owner since January 2006. The Cincinnati playoffs four times in 15 years, losing in the League Series in 2010 and 2012 and a college tour in 2013 and 2020. During that time, the Reds finished with a winning record in just five seasons.

Speaking Tuesday on WLW Radio before the team’s opening game at home, Phil Castellini was asked why a fan should keep faith in him.

“Okay, where are you going? Let’s start from there. I mean, sell the team to whom?” Castellini said. “Here’s the other thing — do you want to have this discussion? If you want to take a look at what you’re going to do with this team to make it more profitable, make more money, and compete more in the current economic system that this game is in? .

“So be careful what you ask for. I think we’re doing our best with the resources we have. We’re not more happy with the results than the fans. I’m not sitting here saying anyone should be happy. I’m not polishing trophies in the office right now, and that’s what we’re here to do.” But the bottom line – and I think we had to change the discipline. We’ve tried a lot of things that haven’t worked. And they’ve come close to work and they haven’t. Nobody has to tell me it didn’t work. So I think we learned from those things. And trust me, [general manager] nick [Krall]He’s a man on a mission. And he’s a bull in a china shop that has his way of doing it and that way you grow your own and he does just that.”

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During an off-season period, the Reds traded the former All-Star Ramy Sony Graydefensive player Jesse Winkerthird base man Eugenio Suarez and loyal prince garrett.

After the Reds lost 10-5 to the Cleveland Guardians and the score fell to 2-3, Phil Castellini issued a statement.

“I apologize to the Reds fans and sorry for the comments I made earlier today,” he said. “We love this city, we love this team and we love our fans. I understand how our fans feel and I’m sorry.”

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