The Apple TV app now looks more like a multi-purpose streaming hub

Apple introduced The revamped Apple TV app As part of a batch of new software releases on Monday. The tvOS 17.2 update includes a new sidebar for the TV app, which is designed to better display non-Apple TV Plus shows and allow users to easily navigate to other Apple content like MLS Season Pass. It also provides a quick shortcut to apps like Disney Plus, Max, Prime Video, or the Apple Store, where you can buy or rent digital titles for streaming.

Before the update, it was easy for live sports and other streaming sources to get buried within original Apple TV Plus programming. The new interface further highlights third-party content, which is part of the tech giant’s rumored plan to make the Apple TV app a streaming hub EverythingAnd not just Apple TV Plus.

Another change concerns Apple’s iTunes apps, which will now suggest shopping on the Apple TV storefront when users try to purchase a movie or TV show. Starting Monday, the iTunes Store app for iPad and iPhone will direct you to the Apple TV iOS app. If you try to use the iTunes TV Shows or iTunes Movies apps on your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD streaming devices, you’ll be directed to the Apple TV App Store.

The new Apple TV app on iPad.

The Store tab now serves as a one-stop shop for video on demand in the Apple TV app, allowing users to rent or purchase movies and shows, as well as subscribe to third-party streaming services. From the Library section of the app, users can find all the movies and shows they have purchased.

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The new Apple TV app also includes a Home section, which acts as a sort of home page for all the things you can watch in the app. Users can browse collections such as New Shows & Movies, Top Charts, Trending Things, and For You, a selection of shows and movies tailored specifically to each user.

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