The airport in Radom is the pride of the government. We saw the flight board

  • A civil passenger airport in Radom was opened for the first time in 2014. Four years later it filed for bankruptcy.
  • After the change of ownership, the airport resumed operations at the end of April 2022. Apart from Rome and Paris, LOT announced two destinations: Albanian Tirana and Greek Preveza.
  • Charter flights have already been canceled by Ithaca. She wants to fly to Monastir, Tunisia, but is not interested. Earlier, he left routes to Spain and Montenegro and Greece and Egypt

Sunny Mallorca? Is Albania still affordable? Exotic, but close to Tunisia? No longer from Radom, as these directions were withdrawn before the inauguration. And basically from Warsaw-Radom Airport. June 1976 Heroes of Radom. This is the “old number” naming capital cities within 100 km of airports – the Belgians did Charleroi Airport, adding Brussels to the name.

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