Apparently a US soldier let immigrants onto private property in Texas


May 16, 2023 | 8:57 a.m

The harrowing footage appears to show a US soldier opening a gate to let a steady stream of border-crossers into private Texas property – then watching a bus approach to whisk them away.

The footage, released by Fox Los Angeles correspondent Bill Melogen late Monday, begins with a woman in military gear quietly backing off a high fence at Eagle Pass as the gate is casually opened.

In just over a minute, dozens of people are walking through the hole – while others are still slowly walking towards it as the clip ends.

As they enter, a small chariot watches from the river, which Milugin said is a border guard.

The same female soldier who appears to have opened the gate and then back into the frame, quietly watches the new arrivals as a white bus pulls up with another vehicle behind.

The clip, which began early Monday, “shows a large group of immigrants crossing illegally onto private property,” Milogen said.

The Texas National Guard denied the soldier was one of their soldiers — instead saying he was a “Private 10th Class from Missouri.” [Army National Guard]Under orders from the federal government and working with the Border Patrol.

A US soldier opened the gate, according to Fox Los Angeles’ Bill Melogen.

The National Guard and Border Patrol did not immediately respond to requests for comment early Tuesday.

However, the clip sparked a lot of anger on the internet.

“It’s hard to get into even the most secure office building,” one person replied, calling it “ridiculous.”

The soldier himself watched a bus stop.

“Thank God there’s a camera in there so we can watch it all in a nice, organized way,” said one commenter.

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Another claimed it showed that “the government told them where to cross”.

The video came after it emerged that 530,000 so-called “smugglers” – illegal immigrants known to have entered the country but not been arrested – had been registered since last October.

Officials told Milujin that the soldier had “taken orders” from the federal government and was working with border guards.

More immigrants are expected to head to the United States now that Title 42 — the pandemic-era law allowing so many to boot — has been repealed.

The Border Patrol Syndicate has described it as “the worst sustained disaster…we have ever seen on our borders”.

However, President Biden emphasized that the border with Mexico looks “much better than you all expected.”

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