Thanks to Bundeswehr’s Elon Musk, he finally did something. And it could have an important advantage in space

  • The German military will soon launch three of the latest spy satellites currently considered the world’s best. Their photos will help to assess the situation in Ukraine
  • Satellites will fly into space on Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket
  • Previously, Europeans used military satellites, including Russian rockets, to launch into space, which was certainly not possible.
  • Elon Musk becomes a savior for bandages, and German BND intelligence may use his services
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The rocket launch in California is scheduled to take place next Saturday at 15:50 in Polish time, with the Bundeswehr being one of the best spy satellite networks in the world. Thanks to a billion euro program called SARA (Synthetic Aperture Radar) it is possible to record even through clouds from anywhere on Earth. Radar images of war zones in Ukraine will be of particular interest at this point.

Elon Musk-owned US space agency SpaceX will launch three satellites from Airbus and the OHB Group from Bremen. When the Musk deal was awarded by the German government 10 years ago, the European Space Agency considered it a major sin. Airbus protested particularly loudly. The company hoped to launch European satellites into orbit by rockets under European supervision if possible by Ariane.

However, Musk offered a cheaper offer to launch satellites scheduled to be launched between November 2020 and September 2021. But Bundeswehr demanded better data protection and the satellites were repaired as other issues arose. This changed the plan, which was initially estimated at 800 million euros, to a higher price. In hindsight, however, the once critically acclaimed order for SpaceX now means that Bandagesware’s plan will be fulfilled.

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Europe has had a serious missile problem since the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The premiere flight of Ariane Group’s new rocket Ariane 6, originally scheduled for 2020, has been postponed to next year. Russian Soyuz missiles previously used by Europeans are no longer available. As a result, European Galileo navigation satellites cannot currently be launched. Maybe Elon Musk will have to play the role of savior in this matter as well.

The capabilities of three new German spy satellites – one Airbus and two OHP – are secret. The SARA project follows the generation of the SAR-Lupe Navy’s five small satellites in use since 2007/2008.

SAR-Lupe satellites were once launched into orbit by Russian cosmos rockets. At that time, a Western military satellite was launched on a Russian rocket – which is now completely questionable.

The new SARA satellites are said to be better than the SAR-Lupe. The logs are detailed and sharp, the Bundeswehr can be accessed quickly, and the targeted areas can be located more accurately.

An Airbus satellite weighing about four tons will be launched into space on top of the Falcon rocket as Sarah-1 launches from SpaceX Spaceport in Vandenberg, California. It is noteworthy that the radar technology used in this was first used in scientific missions and has now been converted to military satellites.

Satellites view the earth from different angles and can scan the surface with millimeter accuracy. Radar technology developed in Germany is a world leader. Thanks to the Sarah project, Bundeswehr will be able to further expand its operations to optical, radar and telecommunications satellites. Space is becoming more important to the German army.

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According to SpaceX, the first of the three upcoming Sarah Lance is one of several orders. He has his own internet satellite network Starling and it is difficult for military and civilian clients to continue rocket launches. Within three days, three Falcon rockets, including the first Sarah satellite, are scheduled to be launched from various launch sites. No other space company in the world currently has more satellites in space at such a short interval.

German foreign intelligence BND eagerly follows the launch of the new Bundeswehr satellites. BND is also said to have access to the data they send. BND has already ordered its first three spy satellites from the OHB Group. Launching the rocket with the first satellite for BND was originally planned for 2022, but there were delays here as well. Elon Musk can deliver the missile rocket again.

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