Olaf Scholz experienced moments of horror. “He saw the explosions with his own eyes”

According to “Bild”, Olaf Scholes was ejected from the plane. Drive to the airport building where the accommodation is located. The president had the opportunity to witness two explosions with his own eyes: explosions from the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system that knocked Hamas rockets out of the sky. Two anti-aircraft missiles were fired, which could be clearly heard at the airport.

After the evacuation, the services searched the government plane and checked the engine for possible threats.

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Missile warning and the evacuation of Olaf Scholes’ plane

– For safety reasons, we arbitrarily changed course, flew in a curve and then climbed vertically. The reason: to quickly escape the range of Hamas rockets – “Bild” correspondent reports. He added that the landing in Cairo was “normal”.

A missile alert suddenly started in Tel Aviv at 18.33 our time, while the president was holding political discussions at the German embassy. According to information provided by Bild, Scholes had to go to the shelter several times during this one visit.

The president was the first head of government to visit the Jewish state since the Hamas attack on October 7 and expressed his unwavering solidarity with Israel.

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