Tesla is facing a group privacy lawsuit, after the startling revelations

Tesla is facing a new class action lawsuit after a former employee released a report detailing alleged customer privacy violations.

In a startling report earlier this week, Reuters She released information provided to her by a former Tesla employee, alleging that a group of workers at the automaker were privately sharing photos and videos taken by customers’ cars between 2019 and 2022. Now, the owner of a Tesla Model Y in San Francisco has sued The automaker due to privacy violations, which can significantly affect the industry’s general data privacy policies.

Henry Yeh, the current owner of the Model Y in the San Francisco, California area, sued Tesla for the aforementioned privacy violations. In his lawsuit, Yeh says he is suing on behalf of “himself, class members in the same situation, and the general public.” Tesla’s legal team has not yet responded to these allegations.

in a comment on Reuters“Like everyone else, Mr. Yeh was outraged at the notion that Tesla’s cameras could be used to infringe on his family’s privacy, which is scrupulously protected by the California Constitution,” says Jack Fitzgerald, Yeh’s attorney. “Tesla should be held responsible for these incursions and for misrepresenting the lax privacy practices of him and other owners.” Tesla.”

This isn’t the first time Tesla has faced allegations of privacy breaches stemming from their car’s cameras. Recently, Tesla was forced to introduce new privacy-oriented features and change its “guard mode declaration” in Germany after a similar lawsuit.

It should be noted that while Europe and the European Union have stricter data privacy laws, particularly with regard to recording and taking pictures of citizens, the work of employees accessing such data in the United States may still be illegal.

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Henry Yeh’s lawsuit has not received a court date, and Yeh’s attorney has not specified the amount of damages. However, in the case Yeh released, he is seeking actual and punitive damages, which could potentially run into the millions, depending on the scope of the alleged privacy violations.

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