Tensions between Russia and Ireland. Moscow leads to maneuvers

The maneuvers were to take place about 250 nautical miles southwest of Ireland, within 200 nautical miles of its exclusive economic zone. Admittedly, according to international law of the sea, it is permissible to conduct exercises in another country’s exclusive economic zone, but taking into account the state of relations between Russia and the West and Possibility of Russian invasion of UkraineThey were seen as a threat in Ireland.

The Irish Foreign Ministry openly stated that Russian ships were not welcomed and that a peaceful protest was announced during the training of Irish fishermen, pointing out that the place where they took place was an important fishing area.

“In response to requests from the Irish government and the Irish Southwest Fishermen’s Association, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu decided to move the Russian naval exercises scheduled for February 3-8 out of Ireland’s Special Economic Zone (EEZ). Yuri Pilatov said in a statement.

Ireland’s Foreign and Defense Minister Simon Coweny also confirmed information about the exchange of maneuvers. “This week I wrote to the Russian Defense Minister requesting a review of naval exercises off the coast of Ireland. Wrote on Twitter ..

Brendan Byrne, president of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association, also expressed satisfaction that the Russians had underestimated the strength of the fishermen’s resistance. He added that his organization had called for a 10-year ban on ships training in all countries within Ireland’s special economic zone for environmental and fishing reasons.

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