Szczerba’s defeat in the air. He did not expect such questions

Journalist Beata Lübecka ended her exchange with Civic Platform MP Michael Szczerba with a deep sigh. It’s no surprise to hear what Szczerba had to say.

Pizza with Ionian on the border

During the conversation on Radio Jet, Lubecka at one point asked Szczerba “when is he going to serve pizza again with Mr. Jonski.”

No pizza, well…

– MP refused.

But when will you visit the Polish-Belarusian border?

– asked the host.

But why should I go there now, teacher?

– answered Szczerba.

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I found these words

Szczerba didn’t fare too well when he had to quote Agnieszka Holland. “If sticks, guns, barbed wire and brutality are the only tools, the result is only an escalation of the crisis,” said the “Green Frontier” director. This is what Holland said about the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border in an interview with Virtualna Polska a few days ago. The interviewer recalled Holland’s statement.

I saw these words of Agnieszka Holland when she received the “Gazetta Viborza” Person of the Year award, and we talked. She had a grudge against me, and I am telling you that for the first time, because I respect Mrs. Agnieszka very much, and we love and respect each other. She said I should tell Vikas that he is a criminal because sometimes the actions they take against these people…

– Szczerba began to get excited in response.

However, Lubecka decided to interrupt him at this point. Hollande’s comment, he noted, “is about the current government, not the government that was in power.”

The situation is much better now than it was then

– Szczerba was blunted.

We must take responsibility for who we let in. And this is not normal behavior. In this way, even asylum seekers cannot enter Europe

– added.

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Lübecka asked if people in need of asylum should not go to Europe.

This is not the way they should go through

– Szczerba was cut off.

I am seeing

– Lubecka answered, visibly resigned, and sighed deeply.

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