Svexit. Is Sweden ready to leave the EU?

This news was almost ignored by the European and Polish media. wrong Here, the leader of the Sweden Democratic Party, Jimi Akesson, declared that the time had come to take a fresh look at Sweden’s membership in the European Union and to completely change relations with it. He is one of the most important politicians on whom the existence of the Swedish government depends.

Scholz in the EP: The unanimity rule must be abolished. Legutko: German politics has failed. There is also commentary by MEPs Szydło and Tarczyński

Eurocrats are trying hard to strip the EU of its roots and values

Today, there are good reasons to seriously reevaluate our union membership.”

Akesson wrote in his diary “Uptonbladed”.

Sweden has simply given up much of its right to self-determination. Although we are represented in the Union by our politicians, we are too small to really change anything. That is, German, Polish or French politicians can practically decide which car you can buy, how much petrol costs or which trees you can cut down on your own land.

A Swede might even be happy to admire Polish politicians so much. He worries that he accuses him of foolish ideas and bad intentions. They all end up in a cauldron of EU madness.

Politicians and officials from other countries, whom we cannot elect or remove, have more influence on Swedish law today than me and my colleagues elected to the Riksdag. Such a development would mean that the will of the people reflected in parliamentary election results would become less important. Our parliamentary elections in Sweden will soon cease to have any significance for Sweden’s development. Of course, we cannot allow that.

Axon wrote.

He also warned that the EU could impose a more liberal immigration policy on Sweden, which has taken an increasingly tough stance on asylum applications in recent years.

The voice is serious because the Sweden Democrats are the second-strongest political party in Sweden, and even though they are not part of the government, the so-called center-right minority coalition holds power only because of their support. The Swedish Social Democratic Labor Party won the elections in September 2022, as usual, but with 30.3 percent. The 107 seats in the Riksdag were insufficient to form a coalition government with other parties of the Left.

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Second place is 20.7 percent. Votes and 73 representatives were won by the Sweden Democrats, the third – only 19.5 percent. And 68 seats the moderate coalition (Moderates) now forms a government with the Christian Democratic Party and the People’s Party. These three parties do not have a majority in parliament, but are able to govern thanks to Akesson’s party.

Why this strange, impractical design? Well, the Sweden Democrats are a false party, one that really has no right to exist, i.e. right-wing, ultra-conservative, Eurosceptic. Such progressive groups are called far-right by the media, in contrast to proper parties like the German CDU, for example, which have little to do with the right, but it is better to call it that, because then the illusion is that a political spectrum is wider and voters have a lot to choose from. Either way, as incorrigible Sweden Democrats, they are rounded up and placed in a political ghetto. Liberals and Christian Democrats do not want to sit in the same government with them and only by overcoming their hatred do they exercise their support in the Riksdag.

This interpretation of the Swedish conundrum is crucial to understanding why the vote to leave the EU – and Akesson’s essay on rethinking relations with it – is so important. Well, since 2005, when Jimi Akesson became leader of the Sweden Democrats, the party promoting anti-EU, anti-immigration slogans has been gaining more and more support. However, over the years, the group’s Euroscepticism was seen as a major obstacle to securing more votes. By 2018, the Sweden Democrats were openly calling for a Swexit referendum. Later, Akesson dropped his anti-EU rhetoric to appeal to less radical voters. Now, 5 years later, he is back. This means that he is no longer afraid of losing support, and an open discussion of the mood in Sweden about staying in the EU is possible, which becomes part of the political debate. Unioscepticism enters the mainstream of views. It ceases to be a whimsical intellectual wish detached from reality.

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The voice of the Sweden Democratic Party leader is a review of Brussels’ actions, resulting in the union’s growing weakness and indeed a permanent state of crisis. Of course, Akesson’s essay was opposed by adherents of the Union, who pointed to potential defeats for Great Britain after independence. The UK has its problems and is in constant political turmoil, but there is no sign that Brexit is to blame for them, as the EU campaign claims. The UK is the fastest growing country in the G7 and has opened up to the world with the largest number of trade deals concluded since leaving the European Community. Brussels is no longer blocking anything, so London is bustling. That’s all for another story, but the point is that if the Sweden Democrats’ ideas start to take shape, like in Great Britain, a “plan scare” will develop – the fear of disasters and plagues falling on Sweden. Also begins to think about gaining independence.

The Swedish politician’s comment also shows how the perception of the EU is changing in Europe. The next elections and potential victories of parties like the Spanish Vox will pose a major challenge to Eurocracy. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time until the Eurosceptics form a critical mass to start the final process of disintegration of the Union. If these people find each other, count and convince themselves that they are good enough, they will challenge Brussels. In any case, the exit of one more country from the Union would mean the end of this social project or its complete, fundamental reconstruction based on completely different principles. It is not about the fact that the euro, even if the euro collapses, cannot cope without Ireland, according to many, the candidate from today is leaving it, but about the complete loss of credibility and that it is written in the agreements, but informally, expropriated Soft powerEurocrats exploit so ruthlessly. Gradually, without firing a shot, without a single guard soldier, member states surrender their sovereignty to the Brussels authorities. Power in Brussels was not earned but given through political opportunism, often in exchange for bribes in stipends, per diems, positions, etc.

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In any case, Brussels only has as much power as is allowed. And because cowardice, bribery, and stupidity abound, he uses what he can. In this sense, a show of rebellion that would serve as a model for other countries would put an end to expropriation and set a course of action that no one could stop. It’s like the cry of a boy in Christian Anderson’s “The Emperor’s New Greys.” The clothes of the ruler must be so magnificent that only the people of wisdom and knowledge can see them. All around are smacking their lips with joy, what splendid clothes the Emperor wears, what excellent qualities Brussels has – only fools can see them. At the end there is a boy who shouts “The emperor is naked”. When that happens, no one can prevent anyone from escaping from a European camp with a bayonet, a club or screams from the halls of the European Parliament.

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