Such a prisoner was a Ukrainian captive. An EU country must decide what to do with it

He first worked in the area occupied the Luhansk region, and fell into the hands of Ukrainian troops in the Donetsk region. Conversations with Slovak mercenaries was published by Ukrainian director and journalist Alexander Kachura. His interlocutor introduced himself as Jarosław Hałajczyk.

Kachura said his interlocutor agreed Some of his comrades died at the front and never reached the place they had pointed out. Hałajczyk worked as a paramedic and helped evacuate the wounded – at least that’s what he thinks. Is this true? Ukrainian services will definitely check him thoroughly.

As he said, An attack spurred him on Concussions and injuries.

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His interlocutor tried Move towards the soldiers of the Russian army. It quickly turned out that he took the wrong direction and ended up in the hands of the Ukrainians.

Went to the Slovak war. He fought for the Russians

The interlocutor of the Ukrainian journalist did not mention Right in front of him. He claimed to be a contract soldier but took no active part in the fighting.

He shared a unit with other mercenaries – Indians, Nepalese or Mongolians.

The prisoner declared that he wanted to serve his sentence in his home country rather than return to Russia. In Slovakia, sentences for mercenary activity range from two to eight years Years in prison. His country has yet to decide what will happen to him. Like Ukraine, he remains a prisoner of war.

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