Ukraine-Russia. Russian media: Two Ukrainian patriots destroyed. Ukrainian General: They are dummies

The Russian Defense Ministry, quoted by the media on Sunday, announced the destruction of two patriotic organizations in Ukraine. Ukrainian General Mykola Olechuk said on Saturday that the Russians had discovered the fake equipment. He showed a video to show the described attacks.

Russian forces destroyed two Patriot missile systems in Ukraine, Russian media reported on Sunday, citing the Defense Ministry. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, an Iskander missile destroyed two Patriot systems near the city of Yuzhne in Odessa province.

On Saturday evening, General Mykola Olechuk, commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, showed intercepted recordings from Russian drones, which – as he wrote in Telegram – showed Iskander attacking fake weapons.

“I show two new enemy attacks recorded by Russian spy drones using Iskander-Ms. Dołhintseve airport (Krivoy Rih – July 3) and Yuzhne region (Odessa Oblast – July 6),” the general said.

Patriotic organizations Omar Marquez/Getty Images

“Thank you to everyone who helps with high-quality models of aircraft and missile systems. The enemy has fewer Iskanders, and we are waiting for the delivery of dummies,” added Ołeszczuk.

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The United States, Germany and the Netherlands have so far sent patriotic units to Ukraine. The next one is to be offered by Romania. President Volodymyr Zelensky estimated that Ukraine needs at least seven organizations to protect the country.

Main photo source: Omar Marquez/Getty Images

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