Strong words of the Prime Minister of Belgium on the price. “We will destroy our population and public funds”

You can follow the situation in Ukraine with us Direct relationships

The EU is not just about better policies, better meetings and American presidents. Today it’s about downhill things like electricity and gas bills. We see the impact of this war in Ukraine. (…) So we have to intervene and hope that this time we will take steps to rectify this “- de Crore said, adding that the EU should buy together and intervene at a lower price.

We will destroy our population and public funds by these price hikes. We are at war and extraordinary measures must be taken in war“- Added.

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Germany is changing its approach

Almost all Europe is now aware of the problem of prices and the dependence on Russia. Germany this summer. They could halve Russian oil imports and resign from Russian coal supplies in the early summer and early fall. – Economy Minister Robert Hebeck announced during a press conference on Friday. As for gas, it could be independent of Russian supplies by the summer of 2024.

“Germany is in the process of rapidly reducing its energy dependence on Russia and providing a wider energy supply base,” he stressed.

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