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Polyphony Digital Studio President Kazunori Yamauchi created a file Special post on PlayStation Blog In which he provided more information about updates in the near future Gran Turismo 7Plus, an in-game boost for those affected by the recent server outage.

In the statement, Yamauchi apologizes for the “frustration and confusion” following the wiretapping 1.07 Correction on March 17th Cutting off game servers offline for up to 34 hours alternate correction can be put up. The patch also tweaked the game’s payments to make it more difficult to earn money – It caused widespread outrage.

Yamauchi notes that this latest measure was intended to rebalance the game’s economy ahead of the updates that he now detailed in his blog post.

First, a “big” patch is scheduled for the beginning of April. This will bring new events, including eight ability races in the Quests section of the game, each lasting an hour, with higher rewards. New and higher rewards will also be implemented to clear the circuit experience with all-gold and all-bronze results – although it’s not clear how this affects players who have already done so.

In addition to the current rewards for events in the “last half” of the Global Rings – more difficult and longer races such as those in the WTC800 Championship – will increase at a rate of twice as much as before.

This early April update will also increase the number of Used Car Dealership and Legend vehicles available at any time, from currently 15 and 5 respectively. Especially the maximum “Free Credits” for a player (those earned in the game instead of Buyer Across microtransactions) will increase from 20 million to 100 million.

Alongside the major update, Polyphony will be rolling out more patches before the end of April that will add new game content, with new cars and tracks arriving in the game over the next five weeks.

Finally, Yamauchi briefly covers – although he can’t confirm timing or more specific information – updates that will also come in the “near term”. These will add more global arena events, bring 24-hour endurance races to the missions, and add online time trials with player rewards depending on how close the player is to the best times.

One interesting note states that the update “will increase the payoff value for limited time rewards as we develop as a live service.” We haven’t seen time-limited rewards yet, so this may signal the return of seasonal events Gran Turismo 6.

Finally, there is a line that will come as particularly good news: One of these updates will add the ability to sell cars again.

There’s no timeline or roadmap yet for all of this to happen, but with the “big” update set to arrive within the next two weeks and new content arriving soon after, GT7 It should start to evolve into a more player friendly experience.

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