Steve Martin and Frank Oz question accounts of cruel treatment in Little Shop Of Horrors

From left to right: Miriam Margolis (Photo: Tim Whitby/Getty Images), Frank Oz (Photo: Jimmy McCarthy/Getty Images for the Tribeca Festival), Steve Martin (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for the Museum of Modern Art)

From left to right: Miriam Margulies (Photo: Tim Whitby/Getty Images), Frank Oz (Photo: Jimmy McCarthy/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival), Steve Martin (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Museum of Modern Art)

Both Steve Martin and Frank Oz issued statements this weekend contradicting an account from Miriam Margulies’ new memoir, in which Harry Potter The actor wrote that Martin was “unapologetic and unapologetic” on set Little Shop of HorrorsHe left her “repeatedly punched, slapped and knocked to the ground.”

Margolyes appeared in one issue of the 1986 Oz film adaptation of the horror-comedy musical: “The Dentist!” Where Martin’s Orin Scrivello, DDS, breaks into his own dental practice. This includes punching his assistant (Margolis) in the face and later slamming her into a door. In Margolis’s novel – published in her new book Mariam!And As I mentioned diverse– She wrote that “during my only musical number (“The Dentist!”) I was slammed in the face by open doors all day. I was repeatedly punched, slapped and knocked down by an unlikable, unapologetic Steve Martin. Maybe it was his acting style – and [I] I came home angry with a severe headache. (She later adds that Martin was “an undeniable genius” but that he was “terrible to me… let me not say that I never suffered in the name of art”).

Martin issued a statement disputing Margulies’ claims — specifically noting that he ignored her or his safety while filming together:

When I first read MaiReam Margulies derogatory description of our scene in Little Shop of Horrors, I was surprised. I remember we had good communication as professional actors. But when it’s implied that I hurt her or was somehow negligent about doing stunts, I have to object. I remember being very careful with the fake punch – the same caution I would use with any similar scene. She assured me she was feeling fine, we made a few successful shots and hung out. There was never any physical contact between her and me, casual or otherwise, in this scene or any other scene we shot.

Martin’s reps also passed along a statement from Oz, who has worked with Martin on several films:

I always practice slow motion physical movements. The scene was supposed to include a fake punch. It’s confusing what you’re talking about. It’s not the Steve I know or anyone who knows him. He was always professional and respectful to everyone on all of my shoots.

Margulies – Veteran actress with nearly 200 credits to her name, including playing Professor Sprout in Harry Potter Movies – He never apologized for voicing issues with other actors. That is: Yes: it includes this time She says Arnold Schwarzenegger farted in her face while making it End of days. (Schwarzenegger never commented on this Which special claim.)

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