Slovakia: Robert Fico may return to power. He has anti-Ukrainian views

They will be held in Slovakia on September 30 Early parliamentary elections. Aleksandar Duleba, an expert on Slovak politics, notes that roughly 30 percent. There is still no clear position on who Slovaks should vote for.

A prime minister who has served for 10 years is likely to come back to power, ie Robert Figo. His left-wing nationalist SMER party has hardened its line. likely to come to power A change in policy towards Ukraine.

Slovakia: Countdown to Election Day Robert Fico could return to power

There are rumors that Slovakia is being led by a former head of government Could be a “second Hungary”. Internationally. Figo has intensified his message – he points out the mistakes of Brussels, adopts a Eurosceptic position and undermines legitimacy. Supplying weapons to fight Ukraine.

In an interview with the European Pravda portal, Duleba emphasized the differences between Budapest and Bratislava. He pointed out SMER is not a monopoly party like FideszAnd the Slovak nation itself enjoyed the rule of dictatorial Prime Minister Vladimir Mesiar.

Robert Figo, on the other hand, is capable of forming alliances with The party of former Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Voice – Social Democracy) and the Nationalist and Radical Republican Group.

Slovakia may change its position on the Ukraine issue. Opposition parties including SMER seem to have realized this Slovaks’ growing uncertainty about the war. Officially, Robert Figo calls for peace and a cease-fire, which coincides with the slogan of not supplying arms to Ukraine.

Is Slovakia a “Second Hungary?” The expert spoke

– Robert Fico wants to be good in the eyes of the voters, so he will say one thing and actually do something completely different – noted the expert.

Anti-Ukrainian sentiments A potential head of the Slovak government, negotiations with the then-former government in January 2009 reportedly ended in failure. Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko.

In this regard, Slovakia suffered a huge loss of EUR 100 million Gas war between Moscow and Kiev. Tymoshenko, on the other hand, first asked him to wait three hours for the meeting, and then, after 15 minutes, replied that he could not help.

That is the question Personal hatred Can it be replaced by pragmatism? A situation is developing beyond our southern border.

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