Putin’s Ukrainian supporter killed by Russians

“He was brutally shot in his own home.” – Written by Alexander Svek, authorized Ukrainian journalist, editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian “Fakti”.

According to Szewc, when the Russian soldiers entered his house, Rżawski “tried to negotiate with them.” It did not bear fruit, and “the invaders settled in his vast garden.” This annoyed Rawski, who “refused to pour vodka on them”. After that, the Russians had to shoot himAs the journalist describes.

Rawski was a well-known businessman in the 1990s, and he sat on the boards of at least two banks. He must be associated with “several dozen companies.” He later tried to get involved in politics. As he described in his plans, “Russia wants to clean up Ukraine like Putin did.” He has twice contested the presidential election in Ukraine, but held a distant seat.

An article by a Ukrainian journalist on Rowski’s death

As Ukrainian journalists insist, in February of this year, Rowski defended Russian policy and spoke of “the humanity of the Russians.”

Rowski was shot on March 27 It sounds Near Kiev.

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