Shocking information. This is how Russia attacks Ukrainian soldiers

According to the investigation conducted by English journalistsRussian troops have been conducting a systematic campaign of illegal chemical attacks on Ukrainian soldiers.

The Telegraph spoke to several Ukrainian soldiers stationed on the other side of the front lineHe described how their positions were subjected to almost daily attacks by small drones mainly dropping tear gas and other chemicals.

Using such gasKnown as CS and commonly used by police, chemical weapons are banned in wartime under the Convention.

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Ihor, commander of Ukrainian intelligence The Telegraph said one or two gas grenades a day were thrown at every position along their front.

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Although not fatal or immediately incapacitating, these gas attacks usually cause panic. Ihor said their first instinct was to run away.

Mikhailo, Robotin, commander of an infantry division assigned to Zaporizhia OblastHe said gas masks saved more than one soldier's life where the Russian offensive was currently underway.

said Slava, a senior lieutenant, near Lyman in Donetsk Oblast.Some Ukrainian units in his area are gassed “almost every day”. One of these CS gas grenades was given to The Telegraph for testing by Rebecca Maciorowski, an American combat medic and registered nurse serving in the Ukrainian army.

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Masiorowski said he was involved in an incident last yearHe suspected it was hydrogen cyanide, a deadly, colorless gas used as a chemical weapon during World War I.

An American woman has revealed that a Russian drone dropped two explosives containing an unknown almond-scented gas on soldiers in the Donetsk region.. Two people died and 12 were hospitalized. There are reports of chlorine and chloropyrin being used as insecticides by the Germans as chemical weapons during World War I.

The Russians did not hide their crimes

The Russians don't even try to hide their use of chemical attacks. The Black Sea Fleet's 810th Marine Regiment bragged about its use of chemical weapons in a Telegram post in December, releasing a video of what it said were K-51 gas grenades dropped on Ukrainian positions.

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