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Russian Soldiers resisting Ukraine invasion told newspaper “The Moscow Times“About their experiences with anti-war activities. Some organized petitions against escalating the conflict, others documented the graves of Russian soldiers who died in a war started by Vladimir Putin. Both for trivial matters, e.g. overlay” War“- punished their highness Well done or discontinued.

“Ukrainians are my friends and comrades, so I’m very angry about what’s happening,” admitted 61-year-old Nikolai Prokhudin of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. – Of course, I will defend our country against Ukrainians, Belarusians, Turks and Kazakhs, but only if they attack – he emphasizes. He declares that if mobilization hides him, he will choose prison.

Russian intelligence tried to enlist the defenders of Azovstal

Russian Hero: Everything in our country is based on lies

Experienced people are less likely to win Russia In Ukraine. Why? – Putin destroyed the resources of the country’s military mobilization with his own hands, and now this idiot stepped in War With the whole world. Created an unwinnable situation – Lieut. Vitaly Votanovsky is a retired military officer of the Russian Air Force.

After February 24, Votanovsky was arrested several times for photographing the graves of fallen soldiers. Recently – in Digoretsk in the south of Russia. – My experience in opposition politics tells me that everything in our country is based on lies – he asserts.

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“Putin and Shoigu know nothing about the military”

According to the veteran, the military reforms of former Defense Minister Anatoly Sertyukov (2007-2012) “practically destroyed” the Russian army, but in fact the first step to “destroy” Russia’s military power was to reduce the length of compulsory military service. In 2007. – Modern warfare is primarily a war of technology, knowledge and skills. One cannot necessarily teach one any technically advanced skills in one year, he notes.

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Russian personnelA new way to mobilize? Singing in the square in front of the military unit

Sergei Kulyav, who served as a Soviet intelligence officer in Afghanistan, said, “There is no Vladimir Putin or Defense Minister Sergei. Shoigu They never served a single day in the army. “”So they have little idea of ​​the state and capabilities of the armed forces of Russia and Ukraine,” he says.

TMT’s interlocutors agree – Russia’s success in this field is due to widespread corruption and incompetence of senior commanders Fighting in Ukraine Not possible. – Considering what is happening now in Ukraine, how they are trying to seize territories using the money of the Russian people, it is clear that we will pay for their crazy ideas – concludes Igor Kiniaskov, a veteran of the Russian war. Chechnya And an ex-cop.

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Zelensky to the Russians: Do you want more? Isn’t it? So resist, fight, flee or surrender to Ukrainian captivity

War in Ukraine. Ukrainian Armed Forces: Russia lost 61.3 thousand. Players

Within 225 days of the start of the war in Ukraine, the Russian army lost 61.3 thousand. Soldiers, general staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on Thursday. As for Russian equipment, according to these calculations, the Ukrainians have managed to destroy so far: 2,449 tanks, 5,064 armored vehicles, 1,424 artillery systems, 266 aircraft, 232 helicopters, 246 cruise missiles and 15 boats.

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