Ryanair made a mistake and the passenger persisted. 6 year old cried throughout the flight – o2

Adi traveled from Budapest, Hungary to Manchester with her son and husband. They chose the lines Buzz is owned by the Ryanair holding company. Knowing that it would be difficult for her 6-year-old son to fly again, the woman booked him a window seat. As she explained in an interview with the British newspaper “The Mirror”, she learned to keep the 6-year-old quiet by sitting by the window, and he could lean his head against the wall.

When the family boarded the plane, it was revealed that another woman had taken the boy’s place. Despite many requests, the stranger refused to give way to the child. According to Adi, Ryanair is to blame for this situation as they booked the boy’s seat twice.

6-year-old Ryan, upon seeing his spot, immediately burst into tears. The boy cried throughout the flight to Manchester.

Ryan was so nervous and worried that he cried for a long time. He didn’t understand how it happened. We were sitting separately, it was very stressful – says the child’s mother in an interview with “The Mirror”.

The boy was offered an aisle seat as a consolation, but spent most of the flight crying on his father’s lap. – cried my poor child. Unknown people offered him sweets and they were very nice – recalls Adi.

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