Russia’s war with Ukraine. Day 836. Live broadcast

A beach was opened in Odessa

A beach was opened in Odessa, the head of the Odessa regional military administration, Ole Kiper, and the commander of the operational and strategic group of troops signed the regulation on access to the sea for the citizens of “Odessa”. “Starting today, the first open area is Caledon Beach in Odessa,” Kiper said on social media. After Russia launched its invasion, the beaches in Odessa were closed due to the threat of mines along the coast.

Former Commander-in-Chief Valery Zalushny is preparing for duty in Great Britain

Valery Zalushny, the newly appointed Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK, has almost completed preparations to begin his diplomatic work in the UK.

A drone was shot down over Russia

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced approx. At 10:40 Moscow time in the Belgorod region, the air defense shot down a Ukrainian drone.

The failure of the Stoltenberg project. Ukraine will not have a $100 billion aid fund

Due to the reluctance of partners, Jens Stoltenberg abandoned the idea of ​​creating such a fund.

Interview: Russians protect Crimean bridge with ships

In the latest intelligence update, the British Ministry of Defense said that between May 10 and 22, photographs show that the Russians installed eight boats on the southern side of the Crimean (Kerch) bridge. The boats were deployed to protect the crossing and shipping channel from Ukrainian unmanned surface drones. British intelligence notes that previously installed barriers were damaged during the storms, reducing their effectiveness.

Ukrainian drones over North Ossetia

For the first time during the war, Ukrainian drones flew over North Ossetia. About a thousand kilometers from the Ukrainian border

A 72-year-old woman was injured in the shooting

The news service of the Kherson regional military administration reported that in the morning Russian troops shelled Antonivka, as a result of which a 72-year-old woman was injured. The injured man was taken to hospital in moderate condition.

ISW Analyzes Putin’s So-Called “Victory Doctrine” Regarding War With Ukraine

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) have noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to promote his “victory theory” centered on a blanket over Ukraine.

On June 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin formulated a doctrine of victory in Ukraine based on several key assumptions: Russian forces could continue their gradual advance indefinitely, Ukraine could not mount an effective, significant counteroffensive, and Russia Eventually the war against the Ukrainian forces could be won.

ISW analysts note Putin’s hope that Russia’s incremental gains will allow Russia to achieve its goals in Ukraine is based on the assumption that Ukrainian forces will not be able to recapture any significant territory occupied by Russian forces. In addition, it assumes that the Russian military can sustain offensive operations despite suffering heavy losses and make gradual tactical gains.

Biden and Macron will meet in Paris to discuss, among other things: Israel and Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron receives US President Joe Biden on Saturday after commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy.

Both presidents and their wives will attend a reception near the Arc de Triomphe and parade down the Champs Elysées, followed by political speeches and dinner.. RThe talks between the two presidents will discuss political issues ranging from Russia’s war with Ukraine, Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza, cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region and climate change to artificial intelligence and supply chains.

Biden and Macron are also expected to talk about strengthening NATO. Both have declared their countries’ support for Ukraine, although they have yet to agree on a plan to use frozen Russian assets to help Kiev.

Ukrainians say they shot down Russian drones

Mykola Oleshchuk, commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, said that Ukrainian forces shot down 9 of the 13 Shahed drones sent by Russia and a Raduka KH-59 surface-to-air missile overnight.

Ukrainian authorities need to save money without air conditioning

The government of Ukraine orders authorities at all levels to save electricity. The authorities issued a regulation banning the use of air conditioners.

Denis Shmihal, Prime Minister of Ukraine

There will be no Czech instructors in Ukraine

Czech portal Idnes reports that the Czech Republic does not plan to send military instructors to Ukraine. According to this source, the Czech Republic could train 4,000 people by the end of the year, Defense Minister Jana Chernochova announced. Ukrainian soldiers.

The Russians deported 30,000. Tons of agricultural products from the Kherson region

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center said the Russians had exported at least 30,000. tons of agricultural products from the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson province.

The Russians, with the help of local collaborators, sent grain and other agricultural products from the Kherson region to Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

“One of these ‘exporters’ is known to be a close associate of Putin,” the National Opposition Center says.

Mirage flights to Ukraine. Macron: Pilot training is a priority

French President Emmanuel Macron declined to provide the exact number of Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets being sent to Ukraine.

Our practice is to provide statistics after military equipment is delivered and used. It is more useful and gives less information to our enemies – Macron said during a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Paris.

Macron added The priority is to start training pilots and mechanics immediately. It will start in France in the coming days and will be held at the technical training base.

General staff reports Russian losses

According to the Ukrainian side, the Russians have lost 1,200 soldiers in the last 24 hours.

Public servants

Ukraine and France signed agreements on defense, critical infrastructure and nuclear energy

Representatives of the governments of Ukraine and France signed four documents after a meeting between Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

Ukraine and France have signed a grant agreement for assistance in the reconstruction and maintenance of critical infrastructure and priority sectors of our country’s economy. The document was signed by Yulia Sviridenko, First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine and Stepan Sejorn. Europe and Foreign Minister of France,” the statement said.

The document provides, among other things, the allocation of subsidies from the French government worth 200 million euros for the reconstruction and reconstruction of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, including 60 million euros in support of the energy sector.

NATO military chief: West cannot allow itself to be drawn into Putin’s web of “red lines”

Admiral Rob Bauer believes so The West should not allow Vladimir Putin to be threatened with “red lines”. Because it will give Russia time to strengthen its security and position in Ukraine.

A Ukrainian soldier in a captured Grad Launcher in the Luhansk region

Switzerland to provide Ukraine with USD 66 million for digitization and e-governance.

At its meeting on June 7, the Swiss Federal Council decided to continue supporting Ukraine in the areas of digitization and e-government, approving CHF 58.7 million (almost USD 66 million) for this purpose over the next four years.

“Because EGAP [projekt e-administracji na rzecz odpowiedzialności i partycypacji] The Federal Council decided that Switzerland would continue to support the project, which was successful in digitizing state-provided services and promoting transparency in Ukrainian governance. SDC [Agencja Szwajcarska Rozwoju i Współpracy] “A total of CHF 58.7 million will be provided in 2024-28,” the government said.

Macron is sending signals that he is preparing a coalition to send instructors to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron said at least five — besides France — have agreed to send instructors to Ukraine to train Ukrainian soldiers.

Macron reiterated that he considers Ukraine’s requests for military exercises in his region acceptable, especially as the number of conscripts in the army has increased.

We are not at war with Russia, and we don’t want any further escalation, but we want to do everything we can to counter Ukraine. So if Ukraine asks us to train soldiers mobilized on its sovereign territory Is it an increase? No, said Macron.

President of France He also announced the creation of a coalition “in response to Ukraine’s request” to train its soldiers on its border, but gave no details.

Biden apologized to Zelensky

Sky News reported Joe Biden apologized to Volodymyr Zelensky for the recent delay in approving new US aid to Ukraine.

Last month, after months of political disagreement, the Senate passed $95 billion in war aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

The US president said he regrets this week’s ignorance. – Some of our conservative Congress members balked at this decision. But in the end it worked.

Putin: There is no need to use nuclear weapons now

Vladimir Putin said he did not see the conditions for the use of nuclear weapons specified in the Russian doctrine. However, he added that change cannot be ruled out in theory.

– We have a nuclear doctrine that states that it is possible to use nuclear weapons in exceptional cases when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country is threatened – he said during the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. – but the theory can be changed. The same applies to nuclear weapons tests. If necessary, we will carry out such tests, but for now there is no need.

EC recommends opening accession negotiations. Hungary vs

The European Commission formally recommends that the Council of the European Union start membership talks with Ukraine and Moldova. Hungary opposes talks with Ukraine

EU diplomats have not decided to open accession talks with Ukraine.

Victor Orban
Ukrainian fighter

Russia’s war with Ukraine. Day 835

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