Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Zelenskiy appeals to Switzerland over oligarchy

The Ukrainian president, in a recorded speech, addressed protesters in Bern against the Russian occupation of Switzerland, thanking them for their support. – Your banks hold the money of those who started this war. Help them fight back. It is good to reap these benefits, he said.

In his speech, the President of Ukraine also mentioned the problem of Nestl, a Swiss company that has not yet withdrawn from the Russian market. According to him, the company did not live up to the expectations of the slogan “good food, good life”.

Switzerland used EU-like sanctions against Russia to freeze Swiss bank accounts of authorized Russians, the Reuters agency recalls. The Swiss government has not released exactly how much money has been frozen in the accounts of billionaires, but according to the Swiss Bankers Association, a local financial institution, Swiss banks hold up to $ 213 billion. Belonging to oligarchy.

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