Russians take children from Ukraine. Shocking information

During his press conference on Friday, he referred to a report by the Associated Press Agency that described the process of deportation of children by Russian authorities from war-torn regions of Ukraine. – The data shows that 260,000 children were thus traffickedIt mostly ended up in remote areas in the east Russia Patel pointed out.

In a statement on Thursday the PA described it as “the most advanced and one of the most complex aspects of the war”. “Thousands of children were found in the basements of demolished cities like Mariupol and in orphanages in areas controlled by pro-Russian separatists. Parents dead as a result of the war, others children. In government institutions for various reasons.” As AP noted.

Although Russia said the children had no parents or guardians, the agency added. A journalist’s investigation showed that Russian authorities took the children without permission, lying that their parents did not need them.

“Children are used in Russian propaganda, they are handed over to Russian families and given Russian citizenship,” he pointed out. Genocide – Attempt to destroy Identity Hostile country. “According to lawyers, the case may be directly related President of Russia Vladimir Putinwho openly supported the process of illegal adoption “- he noted.

– Even if their parents are actually dead, the children should be taken care of in the country and adopted in Ukraine, not in Russia – said former US diplomat Stephen Rapp, who now advises the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office.

Russian law prohibits the adoption of foreign children. In May, Putin issued a decree to make it easier for Russians Adoption And granting citizenship to Ukrainian children who have lost parental care, the PA reminded that future recovery of abducted children may be even more difficult for Ukrainian relatives.

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