Ukraine is preparing for a major war on two fronts

“Ukraine is preparing for a major war on two fronts – diplomatic and military,” Kuleba said. According to him, a meeting of the leaders of NATO’s eastern side will be held in the near future, where important decisions on support for Ukraine will probably be taken.

The minister did not specify what specific decisions he was referring to. – Now Ukraine needs the maximum mobilization of all friends who will help effectively – Kuleba emphasized.

Russia’s new offensive. Can the West help?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said last week that the Russian military’s expected spring offensive in Ukraine had already begun. He noted that the armed forces would halt their advance until they launched a counterattack on their own. But to do so, the Ukrainians need Western weapons and equipment, including air defense systems.

Currently, a coalition of countries is assembling Leopard tanks for Ukraine. Officials in Kiev are asking their allies for long- and medium-range fighter jets and missiles. The US has yet to ratify it.

Yesterday, during a surprise visit to Kiev, US President Joe Biden announced that Washington would provide Ukraine with a new military aid package worth nearly $500 million this week. It includes artillery ammunition for HIMARS systems and howitzers, anti-tank guided missiles and air surveillance radars.

OSW on the frontline situation in Donbass

The Center for Eastern Studies reports that Russian forces drove the defenders from the last points of resistance on the northern outskirts of Baghmut, crossing the M03 highway and continuing their assault on enemy positions northwest of the city. “The Ukrainians did not allow Bagmuth to be bypassed from the southwest, where fighting for control of the road to Konstantinovka was still going on,” the OSW report summed up the 361st day of the war.

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According to Ukrainian civil servants, the Russians use 10-15 S-300 missiles per day. Artillery and aviation of the occupier are making repeated attacks along the entire line of communication and frontier, and the environs of Kherson, Nikopol, and Ochakov are constantly under fire. “Rockets continue to fall on military facilities mainly in the northwestern part of the Donetsk region, especially in the Kramatorsk region,” OSW reports.

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