Russia. Vladimir Putin is taking revenge on America. He signed the order

Vladimir Putin has signed a decree allowing US assets in Russia to be seized in retaliation for US authorities seizing frozen Russian assets in the US.

Vladimir Putin It signed an executive order that allows for the seizure of assets owned by US companies and individuals in the region Russia. On Thursday, the relevant document appeared on the Kremlin website.

Russia. Vladimir Putin has responded to US actions. He signed the order

Putin’s decision is a response to the freezing of funds from Russian assets. AmericaIt is approved by the US government Congress.

The order envisages that a Russian company will have the opportunity to apply to a Russian court to determine whether its assets in the US have been unjustly seized and can seek compensation. As compensation, the court will order the seizure of US assets or assets in Russia from a list prepared by the Russian government commission for the sale of foreign assets.

According to the decree, companies, real estate, movable property and property rights in Russia owned by US companies are subject to acquisition.

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As Reuters notes, Russia’s ability to acquire foreign assets has been limited by dwindling investment from other countries since the Ukraine invasion, according to experts and economists. However, Moscow could use funds from private investors.

America wants to rebuild Ukraine with Russian money

Last week, US Secretary of State Antony eye blinking It announced that Congress had agreed to seize Russian assets in the United States, and that Washington wanted to take advantage of that.

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Blinken also announced that the US wants to cooperate with the G7 countries that have decided to use the proceeds of Russian assets worth approximately EUR 300 billion. In April, the US Congress approved a delayed military aid package for Ukraine worth $61 billion.

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