Russia-Ukraine war. Zhelensky’s adviser on the conditions for ending the war

– We will not be satisfied with any structure that threatens the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Ermak said that we will not be satisfied with compromising on Russian terms.

– The victim of aggression cannot pay for peace. It is time for the occupier to pay. “We call for the strengthening of sanctions and a ban on Russian energy,” he said.

Jermaine, a close ally of President Volodymyr Zhelensky, stressed that the Russian armed forces were destroying Ukrainian cities not only because of technological backwardness and lack of precision ammunition, but also to sow terrorism.

– For us it is a national war. That is why we will not give up our sovereignty or our territories. He stressed that Ukraine was reviving the policies that gave rise to the current Western civilization and that Russia’s goal was to destroy Ukraine.

Jermaine said Ukraine needed concrete action, such as real-time access to Western intelligence, comprehensive support in rebuilding the country and closing its airspace. “Unfortunately, there is no political will yet,” he noted.

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