Kudlow: Putin is a war criminal, murderer and fraud

The question is, “What are President Joe Biden’s policy objectives regarding the Russo-Ukrainian war?” Still unanswered. Nothing in these NATO meetings suggests that Reagans “win, they lose.”

Biden’s press conference in Brussels was so vague, ambiguous, confusing and incoherent that it may have left Vladimir Putin with a smile. Then a remarkable statement to the American forces in Poland:

PRESIDENT BIDEN: You’ll see when you’re there, you’ll see women and guys standing in the middle, in front of a damn tank saying I’m not leaving.

Biden’s missed chance on Ukraine at the NATO meeting shows his way on his head

US President Joe Biden speaks as he meets with business leaders and governors at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC, Wednesday, March 9, 2022. (Ting Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images/Getty Images)

When are you there? Does this mean that we are sending troops to Ukraine?

The White House got the motorcycle at full speed to reboot it later, but why did Biden say it? It’s part of the “uncoherence and bewilderment” that I quote from my friend Jay Benson.

This poses Biden Confusion about deterrence. Again, in his press conference, he denied that sanctions would deter a Russian invasion. So, why do you do that? But wait a minute – his top security advisers disagree. Where does Biden get this stuff from?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: I didn’t say that sanctions would actually deter him. Sanctions never deter. You keep talking about it. Sanctions never deter.

Sullivan: The President believes that the purpose of sanctions is deterrence.

Blinken: Sanctions are designed primarily to try to deter Russia from taking further aggression, and from engaging in a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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Blinken: The purpose of sanctions is primarily to try to deter Russia from going to war.

Russia ‘prioritizes’ eastern Ukraine as ground forces still stalled, reinforcements coming from Georgia: Ministry of Defense

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken speaks during a joint press conference with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on the occasion of their meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, Tuesday, March 8, 2022 (AP Photo/Raul Mee)

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken speaks during a joint press conference with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on the occasion of their meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Raul Mee/AP Newsroom)

As far as Ukraine assistance is concerned, there is still no announcement of the transfer of Soviet MiGs from Poland to Ukraine or S-300 anti-aircraft missiles from Slovakia to Ukraine.

President Zelensky gave a stern speech in which he demanded that NATO do more, “You can give us 1% of your total aircraft, 1% of your total tanks. 1%!” Well, Biden didn’t come up with the 1%, he didn’t impose sanctions on Russian oil and gas, he didn’t demand secondary bank sanctions, he didn’t propose escrow bank accounts to hold European energy imports money and prevent Putin’s war funding. Machine.

Imposing sanctions on a group of Russian politicians is meaningless. Excluding Russia from the G-20 is not important.

Zelenskyy wants military hardware and financial assistance and when we give it to them, we are going slow at best and the United States is not complying with Zelenskyy’s request.

Zelenskyy is a world champion, a man of incredible courage and leadership. Ukrainians show incredible courage and bravery in the fight against the hordes of Russians. Really, the whole world has come to love the Ukrainians and their leader.

I don’t think Joe Biden’s foreign policy really wants the Ukrainians to win. I think he prefers confrontation, deadlock.

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I think he is frightened by Vladimir Putin. There is no “win, lose”. There is no “knock down this wall”. There is no evil empire going on here.

Finally, if Biden and the Europeans at NATO want to do something concrete against war criminal Vladimir Putin, I have one suggestion: seize his yacht! A $700 million luxury yacht that everyone knows belongs to Putin. It is moored at Marina del Carrara off the Tuscan coast, Italy. It is 459 feet long. It’s called Scheherazade.

It is terribly furnished. It’s outrageously expensive. Its Russian crew members are so sick of Putin that they quit their jobs and it’s time for Joe Biden to take it!

Inside Putin’s luxury yacht: Pictures show the dance floor sinking into the pool, marble and gold pools and more

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks while attending the G20 Summit via video link in Moscow, Russia, on Saturday, October 30, 2021. (Evgeny Polin, Sputnik, Kremlin Pond photo via AP/AP Newsroom)

The United States punished Putin. NATO imposed sanctions on Putin. Italy punished Putin. Sanctions mean asset confiscation. Putin is a corrupt arbiter as well as a war criminal.

So, Joe, he took the boat. Ding canoe! Do something to punch Putin in the face, and most importantly, develop and spread the narrative that Putin stole money for his yacht and his master knows what else from Russian workers. His fortune could reach hundreds of billions of dollars.

He’s stolen oil and gas money and probably a lot more over the years. In other words, yes, he is a war criminal. Yes, he has committed crimes against humanity, but he is also corrupt, crooked, manic for thievery, having served in public offices all his life, he has enough money to buy a $700 million yacht.

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In other words, it’s bad. He’s a killer and he’s a fraud. It is completely corrupt. This is a narrative that the United States and NATO must push. This $700 million yacht is positive proof, which reminds me of a great hit on Broadway that people of a certain age will remember so well. It was called “Fiorello” and unfortunately the mayor seemed to have a corruption problem.


“Mr. X, can we ask you a question? It’s amazing, isn’t it? That the city pays you just under $50 a week, and yet you’ve just bought a private yacht. I’m sure your honor must be joking! Any working man can It does what I did. For a month or two I simply quit smoking and put my extra pennies one by one into a little tin box, a little tin box that a little tin key opened.”

Isn’t it Mr. Putin? Tin mini yacht, tin mini yacht. I put my extra pennies in a tiny tin yacht that unlocks a tiny tin key that’s worth the $700 million and possibly two-hundred-billion-dollar fortune I stole from Russian workers. If President Biden wants a copy of the words “Fiorello,” we’re happy to oblige.

This article is excerpted from Larry Kudlow’s opening comment on the March 25, 2022, edition of “Kudlow”.

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