Russia-Ukraine. War. 29-year-old nurse dies in Ukraine

Jana Rychlicka worked in an IT company before the war. When the war broke out, he stayed in Ukraine and started working as a volunteer. Three months later, he joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces as a paramedic. The nurse helped injured civilians and animal lovers. On April 2, he would have celebrated his 30th birthday.

The woman’s family announced her death on social media.

“I can’t believe you’re gone. You won’t write another story about how you ended the evacuation and saved so many people. You won’t write about how many valuable people you met. Imagine how much pain and sadness you’ve seen. Media.

“You’re more invested in success than anyone else. Without you, our volunteer miracles wouldn’t have happened. You’re the best of all,” said the volunteer’s friend.

“It was Jana who helped evacuate my parents and sister from Kharkiv in the first weeks of the war. Then Jana helped me evacuate more families. I miss you so much. May he rest in peace…” – wrote another friend. girl

“I can’t believe it’s true. I wish someone would tell us that we’re wrong, that Jana is alive and well. Jana, a shining example of determination, courage and humanity, has left an unfulfilled void in our hearts.(…) To the heroes. Glory” concludes Jana’s friend’s entry.

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The 29-year-old was killed when the ambulance he was traveling in was hit by Russian gunfire.

Source: Facebook, Onet

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