Russia suspected in Eiffel Tower coffin hoax

Authorities in France suspect that Russia may be responsible for the appearance of five coffins in the Eiffel Tower over the weekend that were covered with French flags bearing the words: “French soldiers in Ukraine.”

The plaster-filled boxes were discovered at the foot of the Parisian landmark on Saturday morning, and three men were arrested in connection with the incident later in the day, according to the British Daily Mail. Le Monde. The coffins appeared after the Kremlin warned President Emmanuel Macron, who refused to rule out sending ground forces to support Kiev in its war against Moscow.

according to WatchmanA white truck with Bulgarian plates was seen stopping near the Eiffel Tower on Saturday, with two men spotted removing coffins from the vehicle. After his arrest, the truck driver – a 34-year-old Bulgarian – told police that he had been paid to transport the boxes to Paris and met the other two suspects upon his arrival.

The other pair, said to be German and Ukrainian, traveled to the French capital separately. They were arrested at a bus station as they were about to board a bus to Berlin – and also said they had been paid to unload the coffins.

The group was in contact with another man suspected of involvement in another possible interference operation last month The hands are painted red On the Wall of the Righteous at the Holocaust Memorial in Paris. The memorial honors people who saved Jews from persecution during the Nazi occupation of France during World War II.

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This incident reportedly has similarities to an incident in October, in which the Star of David was spray-painted on walls around Paris shortly after the October 7 Hamas attacks in Israel. In that case, investigators suspected the involvement of the Russian security services of the FSB, according to The Verge Le Mondewith a Moldova couple arrested in connection with graffiti claiming they were instructed by someone in Russia.

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