A Google employee is said to be linked to multiple Nintendo system leaks

Image: Zion Grassle/Nintendo Life

New report from 404 media He claims that several Nintendo leaks from 2013 to 2018 can be linked to a Google employee who accessed Nintendo’s YouTube videos.

The report is based on an internal Google database that tracked “six years of potential privacy and security issues” including those reported by the company’s employees.

The database, which contains incidents from 2013 to 2018, reportedly details a case in which a Google employee accessed several Nintendo videos and leaked their contents online. According to 404 Media, an internal investigation into the report concluded that the activity was “unintentional.”

It’s not clear which Nintendo announcements were affected by the leaks, although they would, of course, fall within the six-year range covered by the database.

The report details several other Google incidents at the time, including accidentally recording children’s speech data, storing license plate information captured by Google Street View cameras and making YouTube recommendations based on a user’s deleted viewing history.

The complete dataset was obtained by 404 by an “anonymous tipster”. Google has since verified the contents of the internal report, stating that all issues were “reviewed and resolved at that time.”

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