Russia: Pensioner leaves note on Putin’s parents’ graves The court sentenced her

The woman left a note on the grave of Putin’s parents. She was punished

A court in St. Petersburg announced a two-year suspended sentence against pensioner Irina Sibaneva. The woman was found guilty of “desecrating the burial place” of Vladimir Putin’s parents. It’s about a note left by a woman last year on the graves of Serafimov Cemetery in Russia.

On Thursday, the court in St. Petersburg announced the verdict – A two-year suspended sentence To 60-year-old Irina Saipaneva. Initially, the prosecution sought a three-year suspended sentence for the accused. Russian media reported he faced up to five years.

Putin is “a monster and a murderer,” he wrote. The pensioner was punished

Last October, the girl went to the Russian Serafimov cemetery. He should leave a handwritten note on the graves of Vladimir Putin’s parents.

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In the card, the mother and father wrote that they “need to take” the president of Russia because “he has caused so much pain and misfortune, and The world is praying for his death” She added, “They woke up Monster and killer“.

A 60-year-old man pleaded guilty. However, she does not believe that she should be held accountable for her actions in court.

The pensioner was placed under house arrest. She was banned from chatting and using the internet

The girl was shocked to see this on TV Services are looking for the man who left the note on the grave of Putin’s parents. Investigators thanked her for DNA prints left on a piece of paper.

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Russian portal Meduza reported that the court last year He put the woman under house arrest. She was forbidden to go out and talk about her affair with anyone. She was unable to use the telephone and internet.

“I don’t know what I’m doing. “I wrote a note out of fear.” – he explained in court, as quoted by Russian opposition media Mediazona. He added that he had a feeling that what he had done “could lead to nuclear war”.


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