A terrible operation of the Ukrainian services. They faked the murder of a businessman

An officer from the Poltava region of Ukraine decided to end a conflict with a local businessman in a bloody way. 5,000 and sent it saying that he was ready to pay. Dollars for killing a man. The businessman was lucky, because before the bandits became interested in the order, the officers of the State Bureau of Investigation found out about the case. And thanks to a clever trick they caught the officer.

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In the fall and early winter of last year, officials of the Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation learned from an informant that someone in the underworld was looking for people who wanted to kill an entrepreneur from the Poltava region. The client wanted time.

The authorities cannot let it happen, but at the same time they have to catch the person behind them. They determined that the principal was most likely one of the officials from the same region as the victim. The two had a heated argument for a long time.

In fact, they became deadly enemies. So much so that the officer finally decided that his rival should die. He estimates the career of entrepreneurs at 5,000. Dollars.

“He started looking for an assassin who could complete the job. He planned to transfer the money for the murder in two installments. The first will be handed over in December 2022. The second will be after the order is completed,” the State Investigation Service (DPR) said.

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The coroner prepared the body

The client demanded that the assassin prove that he had completed the task. They should contain a photo of the corpse and some personal belongings of the entrepreneur.

Investigators prepared a special operation. First, the alleged killer was contacted by the officer and agreed to the terms of the deal. The client handed over the advance to him and requested him to complete the work as soon as possible.

DBR officials went for a second phase of action. With the help of a qualified make-up artist, they prepared the businessman for the role of the deceased. They then took some photographs documenting the execution. They also handed over some of the victim’s personal belongings to the officer.

A seeker doesn’t have much time to enjoy eliminating a deadly enemy. He convinced himself that DPR fell into the trap. He was arrested and is serving a life sentence.

Interestingly, investigators are also probing the involvement of others in the deadly plot.

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