Moldova and Romania are producing joint shows in Russia. “We can be a shield for the EU” World News

Lucian Bode and Ana Revenko pointed out that one of the potential threats was the intensification of military operations. UkraineIt will lead to the arrival of another wave Refugees War, and at the same time destabilizing the internal situation Romania And in non-EU countries Moldova.

Will Moldova be re-armed by NATO standards? “We have a discussion”

“The interior ministers agreed that the Republic of Moldova is the only European country other than the European Union and have agreed to a joint action plan to raise awareness of the dangers of the borders allowed to EU Council members. War [w Ukrainie – red.]”- We read in the report of the Ministry of the Interior of Moldovan.

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Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilida is in danger of prolonging the war. Warning?

War in Ukraine. Moldova and Romania will defend themselves against attacks by Russian hackers

Cooperation between the two countries also includes mutual protection Accident Russian cyber aggression. Bucharest Cicino can be supported with state-of-the-art communications and technology to protect Moldovan state infrastructure.

– We feel we are on the edge War. As a country lying within administrative boundaries European union We understand the role we have to play – said the head of the Moldovan Ministry of the Interior in an interview with Romanian TV Antenna 3. – We want and can be a shield for the EU, which is why we are cooperating – he stressed.

Moldova wants to join the European Union. Maya Chandu seeks candidate status for her country

Moldova formally applied for membership of the European Union in early March. Now, President Maya Chandu has called on member states of the community to support her country’s European aspirations.

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– We know that political decisions must be made at the EU level. We also know that these are not easy decisions. But granting Moldova candidate status was the right decision. We belong to the European Union – said Chandu during a speech on Wednesday European Parliament. We wrote more about this in the article below:

Mia Sandu in the European Parliament on May 18, 2022Moldova has called for EU candidate eligibility. “This is the right decision”

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