Russia is ready for a long war. A Ukrainian researcher explains the mechanism

– By the end of 2022, Russia was able to transition its arms industry to war. In fact, the entire economy was reshaped for the needs of a prolonged war, assessed Valentyn Badrak, head of the Army’s Research Center, its Transformations and Disarmament.

In an interview with Ukrinform Agency, he indicated that One of the factors that made this possible was the limited nature of Western sanctions. – The EU is already introducing the 10th or 11th package. Bhatrak said that everything should be done gradually, step by step by the policy of Western countries and then evaluate whether it is working or not.

said the expert Russians are actively looking for substitutes for imported components. A large number of Russian components are used in Russian equipment, including components for civilian purposes.

The rest of the article is below the video

– Since the beginning of 2023, our experts have discovered additional components and packages of Russian production. They may be technologically advanced, they may use components from civilian equipment, but – in any case – the number of components replacing imported ones has increased, he added.

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