Radoslaw Sikorsky on the idea of ​​Trump’s adviser. “A military alliance is not a security agency”

– A military alliance is not a security agency. Radosław Sikorski said in an interview with Polsad that the North Atlantic Alliance would also be useful for the United States. The head of the State Department mentioned the idea of ​​Donald Trump’s adviser General Keith Kellogg, according to which a two-speed NATO should be created.

Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorsky This weekend is in Washington. He participated in the FT Weekend Festival conference there.

In an interview with Polsad News, he commented on the topic Military aid to Ukraine.

Ukraine It received support from the European Union and the United States for a total of EUR 200 billion. Serious money. Putin must consider whether he can win this battle, Sikorsky said.

State Department chief on Trump adviser’s idea: I disagree

During his stay in the US, he met the head of the Ministry of External Affairs and others. With a loved one Donald Trump General Keith Kellogg.

An adviser to the former president suggested introducing it some time ago in an interview with Reuters For this Two speeds. Contributing countries 2 percent of GDP for defense You can count on security from Art. 5 of the NATO Treaty (It states that any attack against one of the alliance members must be interpreted by the other member states as an attack against them). Countries that spend less on defense cannot afford such support.

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– I do not agree with this idea – commented Radosław Sikorski.

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Military alliance It is not a security company. This is not a local company we hire from. It doesn’t work that way. He said the North Atlantic Alliance would also be useful for the United States.

Radoslaw Sikorsky: Alliances are not begging

The head of the Ministry of External Affairs recalled that so far Article 5 has been invoked only once in the interests of the United States. It was used in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

– Alliance is not just a manual… Europeans. Alliances also help America, Radoslaw Sikorski emphasized.

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