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– I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink anything except alcohol. I danced, sang, and partied – and it was totally legal. “I’ve never been in a situation where I saw or knew someone was taking drugs,” he said Thursday Sanna MarinBroadcast on Prime Minister of Finland TV Yle.

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Finnish leader order He insisted the videos were shot at a private party a few weeks ago. Marin knew he was being filmed but thought the footage would be private. When asked who posted them online, he declined to comment.

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– I want to show that there are ordinary people who lead ordinary lives in government positions. I have a family life, I have a professional life and I have free time to spend with my friends. Like everyone else my age, she explained. Channa Marin is 36 years old.

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Sanna Marin in the heat of criticism. “We’re in a Crisis, She’s Partying”, “Shame”

“This is the premiere Finland Sanna Marin. Some say she’s cool…maybe among other young people. But a responsible head of state in a crisis? He is the most incompetent Prime Minister we have ever had. He knows nothing. Please take yours Leather jacket and resigned,” tweeted Finnish sports talk show host Aleksi Valauri. The tweet was accompanied by a video of the event.

What crisis are we talking about? High inflation, debt, strained relations with Russia due to the war in Ukraine, high unemployment among young Finns and high electricity and gasoline prices, one internet user calculated.

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“When did the Prime Ministerial system stop in our country? Right now,” said one critic. “It is a 24-hour operation. I am very embarrassed,” he added.

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“Shame, Finland’s dignity has been sunk by the Prime Minister. As the country struggles for economic recovery, he mocks the Finns,” wrote another.

“In the new video you can see the PM dancing and singing. In the background you can hear friends screaming about cocaine” – another person pointed out.

Miko Karna, an MP from the opposition Center Party, also mentioned the case and called for Marin to be drug tested. He is echoed by other politicians, including Rika Burra, leader of the opposition Basic Finns Party. In turn, Marin’s party colleague Anti Lindtman believes that Marin should undergo a drug test to clear any suspicions.

Channa Marin Followers: “He’s Only Human”, “Prime Ministers Always Party”

There are many people who see Channa Marin’s behavior positively. Foreign commentators write that they “want to have such a prime minister in their country”.

“Well, the young PM is having a good time. Normal. At least he’s not like those old mummies other politicians, you can see he’s full of life and energy” – we read in one comment.

“Marin’s friends who shared these pictures showed a weak attitude here. PM is only human,” said another.

However, the “problem” of Sanna Marin’s opponents is not the party, but the trueThat the head of government in their country is a woman. “Prime Ministers are always partisans. They always pour wine. So the ‘problem’ here is not the house party, but gender. And these ‘crises’ existed before Marin. Now it’s funny that he is being blamed for all of them.” – wrote the Internet user.

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Channa Marin was at the party during the pandemic. She broke the restrictions

Channa Marin’s party was overwhelming earlier. In December last year, the prime minister of Finland threw a party at a nightclub in Helsinki after he came into contact with a person infected with the coronavirus. Marin argued that he left the service phone at home and missed the warning message in time.

Sanna MarinThe Prime Minister of Finland was partying in nightclubs. Now she’s apologizing

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