Putin talked about nuclear weapons. Washington responds

“I will not go into the question of what our assessment of nuclear weapons is. We believe that any loose reference to nuclear weapons is completely irresponsible (…) This is contrary to the statements we have heard from Russian officials. In recent weeks, a nuclear war must never be fought and no one can win. affirms a very simple principle,” Price said at a press conference.

The rest of the text is below the video.

This is a commentary on Vladimir Putin’s words during a meeting with representatives of the Presidential Council on Human Rights, who assessed the risk of nuclear war on the rise.

However, Putin added that Russia would not be the first to use nuclear weapons.

“If the first does not use it under any circumstances, it means that the second will not use it, because the possibility of using it in the event of a nuclear attack on our territory is very low” – he added. .

He assured that the Kremlin was “not crazy” but said that Russia’s nuclear weapons were technologically more advanced than those of other powers.

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