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Vladimir Putin Announced by July 1 that a warehouse for Russian nuclear weapons will be built in Belarus. “Such a move would not violate nuclear non-proliferation treaties,” Putin said, adding that the United States had deployed nuclear weapons on the territory of its European allies. The Russian president noted that he does not want to transfer nuclear weapons to Belarus, but only to station them on the territory of the neighboring country.

Putin’s former interlocutor is wanted by Russian services

Vladimir Putin added that the decision on warehouses in Belarus was related to the United Kingdom’s announcement on the transfer of missiles with enriched uranium to the armed forces of Ukraine. In the broadcast of state television Rossiya24, he admitted that, according to him, it was “anyway related to nuclear technology.”

Is Putin Afraid of Western Arms?

The President of the Russian Federation was asked whether Western arms supply to Ukraine poses a threat to Russia. As he responded, “they are a threat” because “if we give weapons to a country we’re in conflict with, that’s really a threat.” In turn, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby pointed out that “depleted uranium bombs have been used very widely for decades” in response to Russia’s warnings about the UK’s possible supply of these types of munitions. “If Russia is concerned about its tanks, it should withdraw them from Ukraine,” he said.

Great Britain will transfer arms to Ukraine

The UK has offered to supply Ukraine with 14 Challenger 2 tanks and 30 AS90 self-propelled howitzers. However, replacing the munitions with depleted uranium is also possible, according to information provided by Deputy Defense Minister Annabelle Goldie on Monday. As the deputy minister pointed out, these missiles are “very effective against modern tanks and armored vehicles.”

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Russian Ambassador to AustraliaThe Russian ambassador doesn’t know how to answer questions about Putin’s regime

Depleted or depleted uranium is an element that does not contain radioactive isotopes such as radionuclides. It is used e.g. As armor-piercing sub-caliber ammunition because it has a higher density than lead. It is also used as one of the components of the armor of modern tanks, e.g. M1 Abrams, and it is a structural element of atomic and thermonuclear weapons, which must be radiation-proof in the production of containers for radioactive materials.

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