Professor. Żurawski vel Grajewski for The French are also trying to engage with Russia militarily.

Citing the Russian Defense Ministry, TASS announced on Thursday that General Valerie Gerasimov, the head of the General Service of the Russian Federation of Armed Forces, and General Theory Burkard, commander-in-chief of the French army, had discussed the matter. Situation in Ukraine and the Sahel region by telephone.

“During the talks, the parties discussed the situation in Ukraine. They also exchanged views on the situation in the Sahel region “(part of the southern tip of the Sahara – ed.). – Communications of the Russian Ministry of National Defense.

However, TASS insisted The conversation took place at the initiative of the French side. turned to the professor page. Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski, an expert on international affairs, for example, with the question of whether such talks with NATO allies should be discussed.

– NATO member states are independent and do not have to agree to bilateral relations with other countries. There is no such obligation, but it is obvious that the situation is extraordinary and that such contacts may raise some questions in the face of Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine.

– The professor replied. Zhuravsky or Krozhevsky.

The expert further points out “Sahel represents the French problems with Wagner’s mercenaries in the path of French interests in Africa.”

– The Russians may have tried to negotiate something with the French in exchange for taking French interests into account in Sahel, a region that prioritizes French interests. In turn, the Russians expect France to support them in the area of ​​their priority interests, that is, in imperial policy, which is currently the victim of Ukraine.

– Says the political scientist.

He says the combination of the two issues is “a specific factor that points to the negative overall significance of this meeting”.

– We do not know the content of the findings, we only know the meaning of the conversation, that is, the aggression against Ukraine on the one hand, and Sahel on the other. Therefore, some sort of tender attempt may have taken place. In order to take into account the French interests in the Sahel area, which is very important to France, the Russians proposed to take their interests into account in the European arena of France. I hope that is about the opportunity, but we do not know whether it was accepted or not.

We also asked our correspondent how this kind of behavior of representatives of the French military is perceived by representatives of NATO member states.

– It depends on which countries are interested. The East is the cause of anxiety and anger. The United States, Canada, Great Britain and Denmark are not very happy either. On the other hand, I think Germany, like Italy, understood this conversation with understanding. The situation in Spain is interesting here. Spain, after experiencing Russian support for Catalan separatism, is more relaxed in assessing the nature of the Russian threat than many Western countries. In short, it is certain that the reactions will vary depending on the extent of Russia’s sense of threat. I think it should be natural for the French to reveal to their allies what the outcome of these negotiations will be, but this is where the hope comes into play, whether the French will want to fully express it or just send the selected passage.

Professor. Jeurawski vel Grajewski further emphasizes, “This is what the Russians are playing with NATO by at least creating the appearance of secession”.

– Do not know if the section is still deep. It is not known what arrangements have been made. We know that the conversation took place and the whole situation is causing distrust in France, whose president has long called on Putin with concessions to save face in the face of Ukraine, which will be paid with its territory. This will not help build the prestige of France and the unity of the West.

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