Pokemon Go: All the Super Monsters and How to Catch Them

published: 2023-10-29T21:31:08

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Ultra Beasts are a group of extra-dimensional creatures that were introduced to Pokemon in the Generation VII games and have made their way into Pokemon Go. Here’s a breakdown of all the Ultra Monsters available in Pokemon Go and how to catch them.

Ultra Beasts were introduced to Pokemon Go during the 2022 Go Fest event, with many different Ultra Beasts being added as part of special research quests or as 5-star Raid encounters.

Outside of Pokemon Go, these strange, alien-like Pokemon were introduced in the main series of games in the Alola region and haven’t really returned to the main series since. Although they are considered their own class of Pokemon, they are not all that different from standard legendary Pokemon from other generations.

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So, here are every Ultra Beast you can get in Pokemon Go, including some tips on how to catch them.


All the super monsters in Pokemon Go

Here are all the legends who have made their Pokemon Go debut so far:

How to catch Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Go

Like Legendary Pokemon, Ultra Beasts cannot be found and caught in the wild or through hatching eggs. Ultra Beasts must be defeated during the Raid Battle and then captured during the Bonus Challenge portion.

Once you defeat the Ultra Beast in a raid, you will be given a limited number of special balls to try to catch it. During this period you can use Razz Berries and throw excellent curveballs to increase your chances of success here.

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Like other Legendary Pokémon, Ultra Beasts have a very low catch rate, so trainers should expect that they may fail to catch these difficult targets.

It is worth noting that when Ultra Beast debuted in Pokemon Go during the 2022 Go Fest event, Niantic added Beast Balls to the game, which greatly increased the capture rate of Ultra Beasts. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to get Beast Balls now that the Go Fest 2022 event is over, so most Trainers will have to rely on standard Poke Balls.

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What Ultra Monsters are currently available?

During October 2023, Ultra Beast Guzzlord appears in 5-star raids for a limited time. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no other Ultra Beast in the current Raid tournament.

Niantic sporadically rotates the Ultra Beasts that appear in 5-star Raid Battles, so the best way to keep up with what’s available to catch is to check out our Raid Boss Guide, which is updated every month.

There is usually only one Ultra Beast available to catch at a time, though this sometimes changes if there is a special event.

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When Ultra Beasts were first introduced

What are the missing super monsters?

The following legends have not yet made their debut in Pokemon Go:

  • Puebol
  • Naganadil
  • Stakataka
  • Placephalon

It’s unclear when exactly the remaining Ultra Beasts will be added to Pokemon Go, with Guzzlore being the most recent game to be added in November 2022. Since then, more than a year has passed without a new Ultra Beast being introduced.

Good luck hunting these super monsters! For more tips and tricks, check out some of our other Pokemon Go guides:

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