Pentagon: Russian offensive to overthrow Ukrainian government is spreading from all sides

A senior Pentagon spokesman said: “We are now seeing the beginning of a large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine from Crimea, Belarus and the Northeast. Troops were also spotted northwest of Kiev. The aim of the attack was to overthrow the Ukrainian authorities.

A US State Department spokesman assessed the situation during a news conference.

What we see These were the early stages of a large-scale invasion (…) We do not know how long this will last or how far it will go He declared that the war would be very bloody. According to the Pentagon, the aim of the move is to overthrow the authorities in Ukraine and replace them with a puppet government. The ministry also expects Russia not to use most of its forces in the first place.

The defense ministry spokesman added that Russia had attacked Ukraine from three directions: from the south to Crimea, from the north to Belarus and from the northeast to the Belgorod region.

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He said that during the first shelling, Russia launched more than 100 short- and medium-range missiles, cruise missiles and missiles fired from ships from the Black Sea. At least 75 Russian fighters and bombers took part in the first attack.

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The official added that at 11 a.m. Polish time, the attack was carried out by paratroopers in northwestern Kiev, where the Hostomel airport is located. There is no information on sea landings in southern Ukraine.

We have indications that they (Ukrainians) are resisting attacks A U.S. official said.

Russia launched an offensive against Ukraine on Wednesday night. President Vladimir Putin called it a “defense” and helped the Donetsk and Lukansk republics. There have been shootings at airports and military bases across Ukraine.

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