Offers for Russian players. This is exactly what Putin is pushing

Spending on social guarantees for soldiers has become one of the components of the Russian economy. Faced with plans to increase the size of the professional army, Moscow has spared no expense in compensation and rewards for servicemen, but such solutions are not new in the Kremlin.

– This organ, as it is called, was developed over the years by Sertyukov’s reforms. Explain that service is an element of social progress, and that it provides an opportunity to earn education and money – Anna Maria Diener mentions in an interview with the security policy analyst of the Russian Federation at the Polish Institute of International Affairs. Recall that Anatoly Serdyukov, the Russian Minister of Defense in 2007-2012, carried out a structural reform of the Russian Armed Forces after the 2008 war with Georgia.

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Offers for Russian players

The first decisions to release additional money to the military were made by Vladimir Putin last spring. In May, he signed into law a wage increase Soldiers serving outside Russia, taking into account the situation in the currency market. In March, the Russian Prosecutor’s Office was tasked with identifying people who had trouble repaying debts to the state. They were given loan waivers in exchange for a deal with the military.

Interestingly, with a successful action, a soldier can pay seven times more. All he has to do is destroy or buy the Himars launcher, the main weapon the US has provided to Ukraine. Then the government will reward him – a pittance – one million rubles. Just over 60,000. PLN at the current exchange rate.

From the point of view of the entire budget of the Russian Federation, the costs of salaries for soldiers fighting in Ukraine are not significant. Of course, we are talking about 300,000. With newly mobilized soldiers, the country’s armed forces were estimated at around 900,000 before the war. Military. The said expenditure is now “only” for a maximum of one and a half million people. It’s not something the Russian budget can’t afford, Anna Maria Diener believes.

Cult of the Great Patriotic War

– This is a very important point Heroic death of soldiers, Compares them with the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. His eccentric cult has grown in Russia, especially in the last decade. As for the logical problems of the struggle against “Nazism in Ukraine”, it has a propaganda justification: state officials believe that the Russians are fighting in the name of a higher good, which led their ancestors in the 1940s – Diner emphasizes. .

As the expert says, the reality is that serving in the armed forces is attractive to poor citizens living in the provinces. In addition to higher salaries, this includes, among others, tax benefits, Loan forgiveness or pensions on special, more favorable terms.

Lakhs to families of martyred soldiers

Rewards for players are “additional means of social support,” Putin says. 195,000 each in the November decree. Ruble for contract and mobilized soldiers. Further social guarantees were approved in early 2023. A recent presidential decree sets the amount to be paid to the families of military personnel who died during the “action in Ukraine”. 5 million rubles (equivalent to PLN 300,000). On the other hand 3 million rubles (a little over PLN 180,000) will be received by soldiers injured during the fighting.

Ironically, a later offer may be even more attractive to those fighting in Ukraine. For example let’s see how well the so-called fighters are doing. Wagner Group and other private military companies formed by ex-servicemen. A certain brotherhood in arms will open many doors, and it will affect Russian society as well. However, this will pose major challenges for the Russian authorities, such as the issue of access to weapons and the rise of crime, says Anna Maria Diener.

More proposals from the Kremlin

The question is whether Russian officials can go further in their proposals. The PISM expert believes that this cannot be ruled out. – I think The government’s new offer will focus on long-term financial support for victims’ families and medical aid for war-disabled people. Especially with the latter, Russia has had a problem, as shown by the war in Chechnya or the war in Afghanistan, which was previously conducted under the Soviet Union, Diener points out.

A negative consequence of the Kremlin’s actions could be an increase in corruption or greater consent to violence. – A person who has been in war, who has been killed, will be treated differently by the state security apparatus, moral and legal norms. Many consequences can occur. The question is whether they will influence the authorities and to what extent the level of public discontent will turn into a potential revolt. In the long run, this won’t bode well for Russian officials, summarizes Tyner.

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